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Spring Quarter, 2020-21

We're excited to announce our first faculty workshop on trade books, which will take place during April 2021. The goal is to help you develop your book idea for a general/non-academic audience and plan the elements of a trade book proposal. We know schedules are especially tricky this year, so please apply by March 3 if you are interested and we will determine the best time based off your collective responses. 

The workshop will be led by literary agent Tina Bennett and book editor Alex Star. Both are outstanding in their fields and both are known for working with intellectuals and academics.


Week 1 of workshop: A 90 minute synchronous workshop with Tina: on agenting, how to find an agent, and publication

Week 2: A 90 minute synchronous workshop with Alex: on book proposals, and how academics work best with trade publishers 

Week 3: Two 60-minute small group sessions: one each with agent and editor  to discuss your projects

Week 4: Final wrap-up session with both teachers and all participants to put the elements together

Both Tina and Alex will be available by email during the workshop duration.

If you have any questions or issues with the application, email Natalie Jabbar at