What is a Public Intellectual Today: Logic Magazine

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What is a Public Intellectual Today: Logic Magazine

The Graduate Humanities Public Writing Project, as the winter engagement of its 2020-21 "What Is A Public Intellectual Today?" speaker series, welcomes the editors of Logic Magazine on February 3, 2021 from 4-5:15 pm. Registration for the webinar is free but required at: https://stanford.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_OAUMZI7KRsihXDFIzlhZ5w

In 2017, authors, editors, and friends Jim Fingal, Christa Hartsock, Ben Tarnoff, Xiaowei Wang, and Moira Weigel founded Logic Magazine upon the following questions about technology: “How do the tools work? Who finances and builds them, and how are they used? Whom do they enrich, and whom do they impoverish? What futures do they make feasible, and which ones do they foreclose?” Since then, they’ve released three issues per year of an independent print and online magazine, hosted panel discussions and issue release parties, and launched a book series with FSG.

In a unique iteration of our “What Is A Public Intellectual Today?” speaker series, the GHPWP will host a special roundtable with Logic’s editors on the process of founding, funding, and tending an independent literary magazine. How does an independent magazine work? Who finances and builds it, and what is it for? Whom does it enrich, what futures does it enable, and at what cost? And is there any chance of staying friends throughout it all? Mark Greif, a founding editor of n + 1, will moderate, along with GHPWP Associate Director Laura Goode.

This event invites Stanford affiliates—faculty, staff, alumni, and especially humanities students interested in publishing work for a popular audience—to gather for candid conversation.