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Cultivating Humanities and Social Sciences

The Cultivating Humanities and Social Sciences Grants support innovative faculty research projects that are essential to understanding how political, physical, and technological transformations are changing our human experience.

Technology and medicine are changing our bodies and our minds. The human impact on the planet is becoming ever more apparent as we face climate change. Globalization is creating webs of interdependence even as economic inequality grows, while democratic institutions and values that expanded in the twentieth century seem precarious in the twenty-first. As the global pandemic and Black Lives Matter movement have exposed, we live in an interconnected, fragile, and unjust world that makes the need for broad humanistic inquiry so urgent.

The broad theme for 2020-21 is Recovery. When are individuals and societies resilient? When do transformations become catastrophic, and how can we recover when they are? How do events of the past help us to understand the conditions of the present and the promises of recovery in the future? We will prioritize applications that emphasize the theme of Recovery from any angle and any disciplinary perspective without excluding applications in other areas.

For questions about these faculty grants, please email Gavin Jones at and Anna Grzymala-Busse at