Coursework and mentorship

Interested in learning how to write about the humanities and arts for a broad public audience? In addition to its popular events, the Graduate Humanities Public Writing Project and its Associate Director Laura Goode facilitate a suite of coursework and mentorship opportunities for graduate students across all humanities and arts disciplines. Students who participate in GHPWP initiatives will deepen their understanding of industry conventions within publishing, building a sustainable writing practice, and every writer's greatest asset: community. 

Graduate student writers may reach out to Laura at

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DLCL 312

Most of the time, writing a pitch for a popular outlet just means writing an email. So why be intimidated? This course will outline the procedure for pitching essays and articles to popular media: how to convince an editor, agent, or anyone else that your idea is compelling, relevant, and…

2021 - 2022


Graduate students may self-determine a popular media project¿such as an essay, column/series of essays, podcast, agent query, or book proposal¿to be completed, with consent, under the mentorship of the Graduate Humanities Public Writing Project. Prerequisite: Pitching and Publishing in…

2021 - 2022


While the Advanced Pitching and Publishing in Popular Media course is only offered to graduate students who have completed the prerequisite Pitching and Publishing in Popular Media, graduate students who have not completed this prerequisite are welcome to contact GHPWP Associate Director Laura Goode for mentorship on other individual projects. 30-minute office hours consultations are available to humanities graduate students, by appointment only, for specific project-related questions similar to the following:

  • Where can I pitch the story I’m working on?
  • What best practices should I keep in mind as I develop my podcast, book proposal, newsletter, or website?
  • How can I build a healthy, sustainable writing practice.