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For Graduate Students

The Graduate Humanities Public Writing Project (GHPWP) facilitates a path to public engagement and publication for Stanford students interested in writing about the arts and humanities for a wide popular audience. GHPWP prepares students to publish both scholarly articles for the academic community and compelling commentary for the general reader, in nonfiction forms including but not limited to cultural criticism, op-eds, magazine reportage, popular history and science, first-person essays, blogs, podcasts, or articles for university media including the Stanford News Service and Stanford Report. 

As a new generation interprets our culture through digital media as well as print, and as Stanford scholars contribute actively to that conversation, GHPWP produces student authors who are equipped and excited to publish a wide range of writing in both old and new media.

In this effort to introduce young thinkers to the rich tradition of public writing, and to provide them with a broad and dynamic view of their career possibilities, the GHPWP offers undergraduate and graduate students across disciplines the following opportunities:


  • “What Is A Public Intellectual Today?”, an annual visiting-author series featuring writers of influence from within and beyond Stanford, who represent a variety of career stages and areas of focus. These events explore the writing process, make acclaimed authors available for questions and dialogue, and provide insights to help all writers improve our craft. 
  • Pitching and Publishing in Popular Media, a one-unit winter-quarter workshop on freelance humanities writing, taught by GHPWP Associate Director Laura Goode. 
  • A variety of opportunities for hands-on apprentice experiences in humanities news writing, mentored by Stanford staff and faculty. 
  • An ongoing database of publications by students and recent graduates, intended both to celebrate that work and to provide a resource of editorial connections for other emerging authors in the Stanford community. 

For any questions, please email Laura Goode,  Associate Director of the GHPWP, at